I was born in upstate New York, the third of five kids born in the midst of a crisp November hunting season, one year and two days apart. In the competitive environment that was our home, I learned various methods of getting my way, primarily relying on extensive arguments and reason. As an adult, I still rely on reason, though listen more carefully to the opposite view.

Ever since I can remember, I wanted a career in a creative field. My dad worked in Manhattan as a marketing executive, and I was shaped by Helvetica, PanAm airline promotions (among others) of the 60s and 70s, and the humor and bold patterns found in Laugh-In. I studied the ads in Life magazine without knowing why I was attracted to them, and began to percolate a bold, clean style. When it was time to apply to art school, my dad suggested Rhode Island School of Design. I originally wanted to be an illustrator, but luckily he steered me toward graphic design, and the rest, as they say, is history.



I moved to San Francisco six months post-graduation, and have been in the Bay Area ever since. My last full-time job focused mostly on book publishing, and, as a prolific reader, it remains a focus for me today. Twenty-five years have elapsed and my interests have expanded to include the web realm. Self-taught is a steep learning curve, but I love web development for its intrinsic puzzle-like qualities, and found I had a propensity for html and css.

At this stage in life, I guess I would say I was a nerd. I can spend hours fixing and making things (all things Mac, drawing, painting, cooking), reading, learning, troubleshooting and problem solving. On the flip side, I love nature (ocean, trees), fitness, hiking and biking.